Practical by principle

With Akasison, we have the practical solution in roof drainage. A special name, and one presented with pride. It stands for a group of specialists that always strive for better. Faster, smarter, safer. For Aliaxis it is always about the best system and solution.

We are very principled but not rigid. Because we are present on the roof, we are fully aware that a building is not designed to fit the roof drainage system, but the other way around. Rainwater drainage is only part of a larger context in which our system has to function. Which is why we like to work together.

It is about drainage based on tried and tested systems, and to never just follow the common herd. It is about craftsmanship, taking responsibility and providing top quality products and projects. Searching for innovation based on many years of experience. Improving systems and avoiding mistakes. The most valuable combination that a  customer could wish for. There is nothing left to chance.

Contact Our Regional Expert

Daniel Rath
Akasison International Sales Manager