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We see roof drainage as an integrated process and work to fluently pass each phase. That requires short lines of communication. But especially a heart for the business, clear instructions, great people  and a well-thought-out process. Also known as: principled craftsmanship. We stand for quality. Based on tried and tested principles and our expertises:

Development and innovation

We have a proven history of more than 50 years of production experience, paying attention to workmanship, and synthetics is in our blood. During these 50 years, they have always moved with the times, always improving; it is our principle. Aliaxis has a dedicated Akasison innovation and development department, made up of small teams with an eye for  functionality, fluid dynamics and quality. All of this is guided by input from clients so that they can continue to offer the best roof drainage system.



With the Hydro-Dynamics Experience Centre, our own test facility for  research and development, we aim for fewer components, fewer actions, fewer errors, fewer failure costs. That is how we continually develop our  systems for new sustainable generation.

Floor Everaerts
Product Management
Marc Buitenhuis
R&D Engineer Fluid Dynamics

Project design and engineering

Your project is in safe hands with our project engineers. The Akasison engineering team has built up a wealth of experience in our field of  expertise: siphonic roof drainage. Your immediate point of contact will  provide you with a tailor-made design for the pipe layout in your project.  After your approval, the design is converted into a quote that includes a list  of materials, the hydraulic design, isometric drawings and an overview of all  the relevant requirements.


There is a disproportionate amount of brainwork in our system, and in our projects, from first deliveries to its completion. Design and engineering are at least as relevant in the best roof drainage system.

Training and support

A great deal of knowledge is involved in every step of our design and development process, right through to completion. Knowledge of fluid  dynamics, legislation and regulations, the application of standards and our own procedures. But especially about how things work in practice. We offer training and support so that we can continue to lead the way in the market with our Akasison system. Everything must be in good order on the roof.

Alexandra van Cruchten
Customer Service
Lizanne Wilms
Team leader Customer Service

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Daniel Rath
Akasison International Sales Manager