The Akatherm HDPE Soil & Waste system has been successfully used for over 50 years in the construction industry.

It has the ideal material properties and jointing techniques that make it suited for a wide range of applications.

Multi-storey buildings

Multi-storey hotels, residential- and office buildings contain a high-density of pipework that require a long service life with minimal maintenance.

High-rise buildings

Modern residential and office high-rise buildings have premium floor space pricing. Service shafts have to be minimised using smart service solutions.

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens have a continuous flow of high temperature waste water containing vegetable- and animals fats as well as aggressive cleaning agents.

Industrial drainage systems

Trade waste applications can contain hazardous fluids at elevated temperatures that pose a contamination risk upon leakage.

Rain water drainage

Rainwater drainage is designed in coordination with structural strength of the building and must not fail. It can be freezing cold at occur at very high flow rates across a wider area.

Hospital and laboratory

Safe and leak free systems are essential when medical or laboratory fluids are drained. Durability and secure connections are important.

Installation underground and in concrete


Green material with a long life time

The minimal life expectancy of HDPE is over 50 years. It is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly without any weakening agent, lead or other SVHC substance. There is less risk of blockage compared to other systems and requires less maintenance. There is no corrosion resulting in blockage or reduced lifetime. It is light in weight, over 6 times lighter than cast iron.

Fire safety

Fire collars can be used to keep fire from spreading (compartmentation) whilst metal systems will cause high temperature spread through fire barriers and have rubber ring joints that burn and fall apart.

Less installation time

Prefabrication of HDPE pipe segments allows the welded joints the be made fast and under factory conditions. Prefabrication is possible because assembled HDPE pipe segments can be transported with very little risk of damage; HDPE is almost unbreakable above 5° C.