Akatherm HDPE is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with many performance benefits. The overall toughness, flexibility and impact resistance make it an ideal pipe system for even the most demanding applications. Akatherm HDPE offers a choice of welded and mechanical jointing techniques. Homogenously welded joints offer great reliability making them ideal for vertical stacks, underground pipework, trade waste and other critical applications. When flexibility is required a wide variety of mechanical joints are available to allow for adjustability, flexibility, fast installation and the options to demount and inspect.

Jointing technique


Welded / Mechanical



Butt-weld joint Welded Yes No
Electrofusion Welded Yes No
Snap Socket Mechanical Yes No
Screw Coupler Mechanical Yes Yes
Flanges Mechanical Yes Yes
Plug-in Socket Mechanical No Yes
Expansion Socket Mechanical No Yes
Contraction Joint Mechanical No No



Akatherm mechanical joints offer a great amount of flexibility in situations where adjustability, flexibility and fast installations are key. Akatherm mechanical joints can be divided into two categories; pull-tight and non-pull tight joints. Pull tight joints combine the reliability of welded joints with the ease of installation that one can expect from mechanical joints. Non-pull tight joints such as the plug-in socket, expansion sockets and screw-thread joints offer a high amount of flexibility, adjustability and in some cases the ability to demount and inspect.


Welded joints provide a homogenous joint ideal for even the most demanding applications. Butt-welding and electrofusion welding produce leak-free joints as strong as the pipe itself. Making these welded joints ideal for prefabrication. Electrofusion welding offers the added benefit of allowing installers to meet even the most demanding on-site installation situations. Akatherm offers a complete range of butt-welding and electrofusion welding equipment.

"By combining the reliability of homogenous welded joints and the flexibility offered with the wide versatility of mechanical joints Akatherm HDPE is truly the soil and waste system without any compromises."