Aliaxis offers solutions that meet water supply systems and energy needs of a growing population. Aliaxis produces piping systems for the most complex projects across the world and our solutions are selected by leading water companies and engineering firms that provide communities with high quality drinking water. Our systems are tested and recognised to the highest standards for drinking water, to ensure that installations are reliable, maintenance free and durable.

Our gas network systems have been extensively tested according to strict safety standards making them extremely safe and reliable. Aliaxis offers high-quality polyethylene (PE) piping system for both new and replacement gas pipelines, suitable for transporting many types of gas, such as natural gas and gaseous LPG under low pressure.

Our solutions meet the strictest safety standards within the gas industry. Together with our customers and partners, we have developed training programs that are independently accredited, and our technical support and careful planning simplify the installation of gas networks.

We understand the importance of gas pipelines being suitable for increasing capacity and pressure loads due to population growth and therefore we produce, test and technically support piping systems according any specific requirements.

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