Having the right compression fittings and valves for an irrigation system is vital to ensure the efficiency and reliability of water distribution. Aliaxis are dedicated to providing an unrivalled solution that addresses the needs of all irrigation and agricultural processes.

Compression Fittings provide jointing technology that allows the connection of PE pipes mechanically. A popular alternative to fusion technologies due to their ease of use and no need for external energy sources. Aliaxis has a broad offering of compression fittings for irrigation, suiting both imperial and metric dimensions. Our compression fittings are specially designed to optimise performance and simplify connection techniques.

Our Irrigation Valves are specifically designed for outside water distribution systems, irrigation in-ground applications, residential landscapes, agricultural and commercial tracts, and golf courses. They are critical to any irrigation system as they connect and control the water flow. Flow control is an essential part of any pipework system and Aliaxis offers a wide range of reliable irrigation valves, from single and double union ball valves, and air release valves to solenoid valves.

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