Nicoll Rain Gutter Systems

Manufactured in France, Nicoll offers a wide range of rain gutter systems for all applications, from a chalet to a multi-occupancy or industrial building for all kinds of roofs (tile, fascia, metallic roof, flat roofs) that are UV resistant.  

The gutters are available in 4 different designs:

  • OVATION®: The reinvented design. 
  • VODALIS®: The finishing touch. 
  • ELITE: The classic. 
  • Half-Round: The economic. 

Each product can be chosen according to the type of building to be equipped and the regional architecture, and every solution offers hydraulic characteristics suitable for the size of the roof and the climate conditions of the site.

The Nicoll gutter and downpipe systems offer unique performance in the fast collection and drainage of rainwater into the network. They ensure protection for facades against infiltration and last longer than ever thanks to the new Nicoll® 100% recyclable exclusive material: TECHTAN®, the only composite material with a 30-year warranty.

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Cyrille Briche
Nicoll International Sales Manager