Nicoll Hydraulic Channels

Manufactured in France, Nicoll is a specialist provider of water drainage solutions and management systems, manufactured from plastic materials for all building applications.

Nicoll’s hydraulic drainage channels are made from synthetic materials (polypropylene or PVC) offering high-performance linear drainage for runoff water. They offer a quality guarantee, mechanical strength, weather tightness, and durability. The lightweight system has a high hydraulic performance thanks to its smooth surface and range of accessories available in large diameters. Additionally, it has a high resistance to horizontal and vertical loads thanks to the materials. 

CONNECTO® and KENADRAIN® are professional ranges of hydraulic channels for both light-duty (garages, driveways, patios, swimming pools, terraces etc.) and heavy-duty applications (car parks, petrol stations, roads, hard shoulders etc.), meeting the highest environmental demands in rainwater management.

These prefabricated systems, thanks to their male/female interlocking assembly and the complete range of accessories (vertical, side outlets, and sump units) enable an easy installation and integrate perfectly into the drainage network. 

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Cyrille Briche
Nicoll International Sales Manager