Nicoll Floor Drains

Manufactured in France, the Nicoll range of trapped floor drains, siphoned trays and balcony outlets are ideal for collecting water and drain runoff water on the floors of boiler rooms, garages, balcony and cellars. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as they are UV resistant.

Made in PVC, Nicoll floor drains are highly resistant, taking up to 1.5 tons, can bear high pressures and have a reinforced removable grid and solid plate cover. Waste-catching baskets have been installed within for ease of cleanliness and maintenance and the drains offer maximum hydraulic performance such as high-water flow and water sealing.

They are available in different shades for all kinds of floor coating, take up little space and come in three types of sockets, external, curved or integrated.

Nicoll balcony outlets are designed to allow balcony and roof water to be drained simultaneously. Made from Anti-UV treated PVC, they are a complete and 100% practical and impact resistant system.

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Cyrille Briche
Nicoll International Sales Manager